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The world is currently at the brink of an extraordinary technological revolution. With the role of computing being foundational to emerging technological initiatives, the IEEE Computer Society is strategically positioned to lead the new compute continuum. It promises to spearhead the way by serving as the bridge between academic institutions focused on research initiatives and industry and government organizations.


My goal is to persevere to do the following:

Promote collaborative research between industry and academia to enable exploration, innovation, and development of commercial solutions to key technology challenges. I look forward to engaging with members to help mold the computer society at this challenging time when technological advancements are happening rapidly, and to serve the needs of a world that has been transformed by the pandemic. To thrive amidst these changes, we will need to embrace the transformation, innovate, and adapt. By doing so, we will be able to foster rapid growth and progress.

Nurture emerging technology initiatives: standards, publications, workshops, and conferences. With the ever-increasing pace of nascent technological advancements, we will need to proactively focus on driving initiatives for the inclusion of these technologies to enable the community with innovative technical content. My goal is to bring new ideas to fruition and launch new standardization initiatives that will foster innovation. We will proactively partner with other professional societies and government agencies to expeditiously introduce programs for the development and application of cutting-edge computing technologies.

Empower our volunteer base. By focusing on providing mentorship, training and development for students and young professionals, we can provide immense value to the future of our field along with a pathway to a lifetime affiliation to the society. Together, we can work on strategic initiatives and programs to help students as they transition into early career professionals, and for all stages of their career there on. My goal is to strive to deliver to the promise of our value proposition, and to grow our volunteers such that the computer society continues to be inclusive to engage the community more holistically.

I am actively driving standardization initiatives for new emerging technologies such as functional safety and I look forward to continuing to grow these activities. I fully support diversity and inclusion which is a vital part of the Computer Society’s strategic vision. During the past 25+ years in the semiconductor industry, I have had the honor of supporting many mentoring programs for students and young professionals. We greatly value your inputs and ideas, and I am excited to work together with you all to foster and support technological innovation and be the leading provider of technical information and services to the world's computing professionals. Please reach out with your thoughts and ideas, I look forward to hearing from you.

I am honored and humbled to have this opportunity to serve you as President-elect of the Computer Society. And I am confident that with all our collective efforts, we will continue to grow the society and humbly serve our computer science and engineering community. Please visit for more information.


I serve as chair of the IEEE P2851 standardization initiative which focuses on addressing interoperability for safety analysis & verification, across levels, application domains (automotive, avionics, industrial, medical) and dependable technologies. We have over 30 companies participating in this effort, including chip vendors, EDA vendors, Tier1s and OEMs.

The WG published a white paper last year: and we are working on a draft of the first revision of the base standard to be published in Q1 2023.

Besides IEEE, I am actively influencing several standardization initiatives on functional safety with ISO, SAE, UL and DO standards development organizations.


I joined the IEEE Computer Society initially as a student member in graduate school over 25 years ago when I published my first IEEE paper based on my university research. I was very grateful for this opportunity and I stayed connected with IEEE through my professional career, getting more actively involved as a Computer Society volunteer. I continued to author papers and publications, serve as a technical committee member in IEEE conferences, participate as a panelist and speaker and I now serve as chair of the IEEE P2851 standard, Distinguished Visitor and 2022 Secretary of the Computer Society. I was honored to receive the IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Award this year. All these volunteer roles and experiences have been greatly rewarding as I aspire to motivate the next generation of engineers and technologists to pursue the engineering disciplines.


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